Our Christmas was quiet and sweet.  We had Christmas Eve dinner with Barry and Karla. Karla brought over the most amazing scalloped potatoes to eat with our Costco purchased spiral cut ham (salute to our American tradition), and we splurged and bought some jamon pata negra  (salute to our Spanish tradition).  My Spanish friends will be happy to know that I had to force my children to eat the American ham, and I had to make them stop eating the pata negra (uy! no sabeis lo que nos cobran aqui en Mexico por el jamon!)

We spent the last few days reading a lot from The Storybook Bible; have you read through this children's bible yet? It's our absolute favorite  . . . and if you haven't read it yet, you really, really should! (it's available in English and Spanish, so go on! you have no excuse not to buy it!)  We have been marveling about how The God of the universe drew near to mankind by actually becoming one of us . . . and wondering how we should draw near to those around us to let them know about God's amazing rescue plan. 

So, how was your Christmas?  Really, how was it?!  I missed so many of you - - from Spain to California;  I want to know about your Christmas - - who you spent it with, what you ate, what brilliant and thoughtful conversations you had . . . tell me all about it!


  1. So glad your Christmas was delightful and quiet. Ours was very pleasant and enjoyable. Although, after driving up to Arlington on Christmas afternoon, my little family all got sick with some GI bug, so we spent the short time we had at jamey's house in the bathroom and on the couch! Nice! So we are looking forward to better health soon!

  2. We had a busy day with church and family. We hosted both our families this year as well as a few extras. One of our extras was a friend Dennis has known since high school. As Dennis dropped him off, he had some questions about Jesus. So Dennis spent 6-7 hours with him on Monday discussing spiritual things!

  3. that is also our favorite story bible! did you know they also have videos of some of the stories? here is one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v__QaCsdvQk

  4. Gab - - we missed you guys! sorry about the bug; um, didn't that happen last year too?

    Steph - - that makes me so, so happy

    Sarah - - no way! I did NOT know! we are going to check. them. out!

  5. precious pictures-love the gift opening at your house (the faces), Selma's little braids, and I'm remembering how much I loved the stationary store in Mexico. It's been nice. . .holding babies, cooking and playing games together this week. missing you all