One of our closest metro stations is metro Tacuba - - we use it often, since it takes us almost anywhere we want to go.  People warn us about Tacuba; they say it's infamous for robberies, and that we - being foreigners, should be particularly careful in Tacuba.

So we are cautious when we go - - we are keenly vigilant about our surroundings, we keep the kids close and don't carry anything too valuable with us.

We walked trough Tacuba last week, and as we passed a mama and her boy, I heard her scold him - "if you don't catch up, the white people are going to rob you and take you home with them!"

It made me cringe a bit, but it also made me laugh.
there we go, all worried about the bad guys . . .
and  there goes that little boy,
all worried about us.
(this picture has nothing to do with metro Tacuba ; it is the little market down the street from us - - all decked out for Christmas;  isn't it colorful?)

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