Aaaah. Monday;
So, how was your weekend?
We spent Saturday morning with our bible study group.

Did you know that we had a Saturday morning bible study group? Edgar and Gaby introduced us to a group of their friends who had just gone through a marriage study together. A couple of them proposed that - since the marriage study was over,  we lead them in a parenting class of sorts . . . but then, after a rousing discussion over dinner, they put it to a vote and decided that what they really wanted was a study on the church and its purpose in the world.  We readily complied (um, of course we did . . . Jesus, his grace, and his plan for the church is what makes our hearts beat!)  

This sweet group has been a highlight of my week for the past couple of months. This weekend was no exception: Thank you Gaby for bringing ponche (I think ponche is like the Mexican equivalent of mulled apple cider); thank you Joshua for thinking to offer ponche to the guys outside who are painting our building; thank you Soco and Jorge for coming even after you had a flat tire; thank you Miguel Angel for asking the question "how can we know when it's the right time to plant a church?"; thank you Tania and David for being so disappointed that you couldn't make it to the meeting that you arranged a meal with us later on this week so that we could talk about the study; thank you Jackie and Pedro for hanging out for an extra hour after everyone left to wash my dishes and to provide interesting conversation!

(do you see why I love these guys?)