I took this picture four months ago, on the Saturday morning after we had finally purchased a dining room table. We had a bit of a celebration breakfast (i.e. I actually cooked something), which I had prepared primarily for my tender Josu, who had been begging me to buy  furniture for two solid months, and who was thrilled that we finally had a real table.

Since that first family breakfast at our big table, both of those glasses have broken and that plant has died. (I'll wait to expound on those details in another blog post)

Really though, I mostly want to stop for a second and marvel at the fact that we have been in Mexico for six months;
six months!
(go on now, marvel with me!)
and I want to tell you how good our God has been to us, because every single day has been filled up with these truths:
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;

Lamentations 3:22-24


  1. That scripture was like medicine to my heart this morning. In the busy craziness of moving and movers and all that....I need to be reminded of these simple and foundational truths. The ones we stand on. Those truths that I want to wrap myself in like a thick blanket and pull over my head and my face so they are all I can feel and see.
    Thank you. (And I totally love your kids. They are darn cute.)

  2. That is the verse I clung to as we sat in the hospital with our little boy.
    And I CANNOT believe it's been 6 months!
    ...And I'm thankful you have a kitchen table for Josu (and the rest of your lovely family).
    Canyon talks about Malachai all the time- I think he's really missing him♥

  3. And in this life that truth is enough, isn't it.
    blessings, missing you all

  4. good, so good. and, josu's hair has grown out, that's nice too! and it makes me feel better about landis's hair, which has not had a hair cut yet because I love it too much, despite some teachers saying, "wow, what messy hair today..."