All year long we've been promising the kids a trip up to our rooftop (they are never allowed, because of all the sudden drop-offs leading to certain death, and because they are a little crazy and because I am a little careless);

On the night before we moved out of our place,  right before the sun set, we remembered our promise and called the kids to - quick! - climb up with us!  We held hands and peeked over the edges, identified all the tall buildings that we could see, and then, in one big family hug, thanked God for the year that he had given us in our home - for the friends he had given us, for the memories that we had made, for the ways he had grown and changed us as we began our journey in Mexico

(phew.  we made it up and then back down and no one dropped off any edges)


  1. all our love to those crazy kids! (and their not-so-careless, I-don't-care-what-you-think, mother)