We got a call yesterday telling us that our new apartment should be ready for move-in on Wednesday (tomorrow!) morning.   We are scrambling to re-pack all of the things that leaked out of the boxes that had been packed up two weeks ago when we initially thought we would move.

In between boxes, I'm prepping our goodbye gifts for the neighbors.  We'll invite them over tonight for a final coffee and we'll thank them for being great neighbors - for not running over our kids even when they played in the driveway, and for all the smiles and waves throughout the year.  We'll give them a little gift with two of our very favorite things - - the gospel of John and brownies, and we'll pass out our new address and insist that they all come to visit.

right, then.  I'm off to slice the cooled brownies! 


  1. Will be praying for you and the construction crew today and tomorrow morning for sure. Oh sweet Jesus romance these friends into your sweet presence!!! xo

  2. So encouraging! I love the combination... the Gospel of John and brownies. Exciting to hear about your new place! Can't wait for the photos!