Hello!  We moved into our new place  . . .
we should be unpacking;  instead, we are:

1. lounging around with Mom and Papi (they are here for two weeks - two weeks!),

2. exploring our new neighborhood (we found the outdoor vegetable market, the closest tortilla store,  a teeny tiny bread shop with the most amazing rosemary focaccia ever, and a good place to buy cream and cheese),

3. watching the olympics (of course) 


  1. ooooooiiii. I miss them. :) It was SO good to see them when they were with the Tippeys! (And to see the Tippeys of course!) :)))) have so much fun together. Give them another hug from me...

  2. Ah, your windows! I LOVE your windows!!!! (who cares if it doesn't have a kitchen!)