Dang, my kids are troopers.  Days like yesterday remind me how God's grace is poured out on our family . . . we spent about four hours (four hours!) on public transportation, and these little guys just took it in stride.  

And our day celebrating with Paco's church was lovely . . . there were about ten million unexpected elements to our day (which, of course, is totally expected), but we are getting better and better about going with the flow.    

While we waited for the celebratory anniversary to begin, Joshua took the kids to the mile-long playground that the city recently installed under these giant, buzzing power lines (it was available land, I guess . . . ), and I helped the ladies in the kitchen shred 10 pounds of chicken breasts and two pig heads for the pozole*.  They laughed at all the silly questions I asked about the ingredients and the preparation process.  I think that sometimes it's good to be laughed at . . . it breaks down barriers, don't you think?

*pozole - one of Mexico City's favorite party foods:  hominy in broth - piled high with shredded pork and chicken, lettuce, radishes and onion, with lime, salsa and oregano on the side. 


  1. Mmmm! Pozole! Eddie's mom often makes it on special occasions, and always makes extra so we end up eating it for a couple of weeks. Somehow I never get tired of it.

    Our parking lot is under buzzing power lines. As far as we know- they don't cause any adverse affects. Aside from the annoying noise.

    1. so - what sort of meat does Eddies mom like to use in her pozole?

  2. Ahh, yes, I love the photo of those kitchen ladies, hands altogether in the mixture; and I remember those days of laughter in the kitchen, me the total novice.

  3. wow four hrs! That's pretty crazy! :) I spent a lovely time with your parents and the Tippeys for a few days. It was wonderful as always. :) I told your mom I should come visit you guys just to visit.... because it seems like a lot of people visit and it seems so cool! to see what your lives look like day in and day out. :) ;) maybe one day!