One of the things that I adore about our city is all the forms of public transportation that are available to us.  There is an amazing, complex web of metros, taxis, bikes and busses (the big ones and the little ones!) that can take you pretty much anywhere your city-traveling heart wants to go.

Sometimes I think about my kids growing up learning to navigate through this web . . and it excites me;  I watched Malachai yesterday as we rode on the bumpy, crowded street bus together - he saw an older woman without a seat and automatically scooted closer to Josu;  with his politest, most proper Spanish he called out to her - - inviting her to sit down.

this was a clear Mexico-city-public-transportation gesture of kindness.
He wouldn't have done this a year ago.
I don't think he would have even noticed the woman
much less thought to open up a seat for her.

but I've been noticing him do this more often lately.
(I don't have to push him off his seat and offer up his seat for him anymore)
it's just become a part of his everyday life

that makes me smile.

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  1. oh, my sweet nephew.

    wish you were around so we could discuss parenting : )