Yesterday:  We checked in on the work happening in the apartment we signed for last week (hooray!  it looks good!)  On our way home we got caught in a rain storm and spent twenty minutes trying to hail a cab to drive us to the closest metro stop.
The 278th cab that we saw finally pulled over;
we were so thankful to have caught a cab that we didn't even mind that he was simultaneously steering and wiping the inside of the fogged up windshield the entire drive to the metro.

Today: I had two sweet mamas from Josu's school come over for coffee and waffles.  I was reminded that there is often genuine hurt in the lives of those around me - - and that I need to actually share life with them to hear about their hurt and to offer true care and hope.

Tomorrow: we take a 2 hour metro trip across the city to visit a friend's church.  They will be celebrating their two year anniversary - and I'm certain that they will eat together (last time we were with them they served us up picked pigs feet on tostada shells!)  hmmm . . . I wonder what I could contribute that would travel well?

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