Last  month we spent a Saturday afternoon at Invasion - - a christian youth art rally in the city of Neza.

Joshua and I really aren't young or hip enough to go to something as cool as that, but we faked it and snuck in anyway; it helped that we had Renae there - I'm pretty sure she (young and as cool as cool can be) diverted everyone's attention away from (old, not-so cool) us . . we even made it through the full body frisking at the entrance gate without any questioning.

So, Invasion was jam-packed full of skaters and graffiti artists and rappers,
and there, in-between the skating and graffiting and rapping, Joshua gave the most fantastic rendering of the creation account I have ever heard . . .

He told about THE Artist . . . who created the world and filled it with artists . . . artists designed to also create art - pointing back to and praising the great Artist.

He told about the tragic corruption of the Artist's masterpiece . . . and about how the Artist actually entered into his work to redeem the artists he loved so much.

And Joshua challenged every artist there to
or sing
or paint
or work
or cook
or crochet frilly barbie dresses
(just kidding about that last one;  I added that part, but I do wish he would have said it)

he encouraged them to create
and to do it well,
for the glory of THE Artist

because He deserves it.