(Barry and Karla -- our teammates! - - on our first house hunting day)

Well, here we are in Mexico city!  We are staying with Barry and Karla (hosts extraordinaire!) as we search for a home for our family.
house hunting here looks less like: find a relator to whip you around the city and show you 20 different homes during the course of the day,
and more like:
Take a mini bus to the metro (push your way into the metro car and then out of the metro car and pray that your children make it out alive) and then walk around and look for apartments or houses with "for rent" signs. Call the numbers and see if they are big enough or cheap enough.  Walk around some more.  Stop for some ice cream because the kids need a break.  Walk around and look for more signs; make some more calls.  find an overhang and wait for the 5-o-clock rain shower to pass.  Go to the one house you were able to set up an appointment for.  Brace yourself for the metro ride home.


  1. what a sweet picture - i love selma's little socks.

  2. thanks for sharing your adventure; looks like Selma's being a blessing. we'll keep praying

  3. we are praying. mercy and i prayed specifically for you last night, that you'd find a place by the end of this week. I'm considering today to be the end, so maybe????

  4. love you guys.

  5. Gab - no place yet (sigh) the good news is that Barry and Karla are amazing hosts who make it easy for us to search a little longer! maybe be this week? please keep praying!