Prepping for Mexico today involved giving the boys haircuts.  Why?  I don't exactly know why, but getting a haircut seems like a good thing to do before moving to another country. Poor Josu was devastated - - he kept crying "why are you doing this to me?"

It was so pitiful.  I might have stopped and put all the hair back onto his head if it was actually possible.
Selma didn't get a haircut;
she got new shoes (of course! - it's what every girl needs before a big trip, right?)


  1. well, i can see why you gave them haircuts. it seems to be what every good mother does before some big event in our lives, right? everyone just needs a haircut. when I was huge and fat and 9 months pregnant with Landis, I up and decided the girls needed haircuts. they just did. But I'm sad for Josu--and that I don't have a boy to make me feel better about why I haven't given landis a haircut.

  2. don't worry. it will all grow back :) (don't cut landis' hair yet!)

  3. would it make josu feel better to know that his new haircut looks just like the haircut i gave josiah last week? they even have matching hairlines to show off now ...

  4. Yes I know about haircuts for the boys before a big event. My brother n law gave everyone (minus me!) a haircut before we went on vacation. Blake despises them. He cries the whole time. It's just terrible.
    And on you leaving, thinking and praying for you today that you will have safe travels, protection when you arrive, that the Lord would go before you as you begin this new journey, that you would experience peace when circumstances are chaotic. I love you!