We slept in a bit this morning and walked down the street to the bread shop to pick out a breakfast treat.  I remember doing this 25 years ago - - when mom and papi would drive from our little rural pueblo into the big city, and we were allowed  the treat of our choice. 
I don't think that the bread shops have changed a bit since then- - the same breads and cakes stacked on top of square trays;  the same metal thongs hanging up next to the round platters;  the same long lines of customers with their trays piled high with bread treats to take home to their own families.

This time around, though, I'm not the child choosing;
I'm the mama facilitating the choosing.
That's kind of strange,
and nice.


  1. I have been praying that the kids would be both courageous and excited in your new home. Perhaps the sweet bread will help with the excitement!

  2. mmmm...looks YUMMY...what's your favorite?

  3. Rachel: the kids have been sooo great!
    Corey: my favorite is the concha - - it's a mexican classic - - a fluffy white roll with a flour/sugar mixture sprinkled on top. (in the bottom picture they are the ones at the far end)

  4. Rachel and I are wondering what the children chose? And we were talking about our favorites, the flakey ones. . .can't remember the name!

  5. Selma chose the flat one with colorful sprinkles (of course), Josu chose a roll with some cinnamon and sugar (I had never seen it - - not bad) and Malachai (in memory of Spain) chose a croissant. I couldn't find the flaky one that mom used to get (I did look for it - - since now I'm the mom and I figured that it was my turn)

  6. and I love that Selma is getting good use out of Julia's cute tops..sweet.