I am fascinated as I watch my kids navigate their way through language; since our arrival in Mexico, I have been observing them, and listening to them - - interested to hear them adapt linguistically to their new surroundings. 
My clever, clever children haven't let me down . . .

Selma has been telling people all week long that she is "tres and-a-half years old".  Today I heard her make the switch on her own - - she told a little friend that she is "tres y medio".

I woke Josu up late last night to make one last bathroom visit, and as I dragged him off of the mattress, he mumbled his sleepy objections to me  . . . in Spanish (I can't even begin to tell you how much this pleases me!)

We were out with some friends this morning and I hear Malachai say "que guay!" (an exclamation for something cool in Spain) and then quickly correct himself and say "que padre!" (an exclamation for something cool in Mexico)


  1. Aye, we love, love this-Rachel and I are delighted with your post. And I have been thinking about your children and their language adjustment; wish I could be on the behind the curtain to hear it all.And I remember those days when we went back to Mexico and listening to you all pick up the language again. We're praying for you.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is my favorite post. I love it. I love it.