We've been generously loved this week.
By Barry and Karla: who were there to pick us up from the airport nine days ago, and have housed and fed us since then.  They have  provided us with maps and snacks, and tips to help us out as we venture out into the big city. They have snuggled with our kiddos and never seem to notice when the kids put their dirty feet on the lovely white couches. They have cleared an entire surface of lovely, fragile, decorative things so that Malachai and Josu can set up their lego city;
(we are thankful for them)

By Jorge and Sandi  (A Mexican couple church planting in Coyoacan): who have spent many, many hours driving us around Mexico City - - showing us different neighborhoods and filling us in on the pros and cons of each one - - offering to call the phone numbers on the "for rent" signs (now that is some serious generous love) They have engaged us with meaningful conversation about the city and about their passion to equip the church and to care for the world.
(we are thankful for them)

By all of you: who are interested in our new adventure, and have been praying for us, and have written us notes and letters letting us know that you love us and miss us.
(we are thankful for you)

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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with your blog. I love love love getting the updates and seeing pictures, but I hate the pang of missing you guys! Counting down...