We had some well seasoned missionaries advise us recently to brace ourselves for culture shock in Mexico City:
"Don't fool yourselves into thinking that just because you have already been missionaries, that it won't happen all over again" they said.

the observed pattern of culture shock is this:
three months of delight - - loving every new bit of culture
followed by three months of gloom - - despising every cultural nuance that we experience,
and then a six month upward journey back to normalcy - - being able to enjoy the good and patiently withstand the different

(exciting, yeah?)

It's probable that if you and I have had a conversation over the past three months, I have begged you to pray for me. I'm convinced that we need our church, our friends and our family to approach the God of the universe on our behalf.  I'm serious.  we need you.  Are you praying for us?  if you are, could you please send me a note or an email?  I want to thank God for you, and I want to pray for you too.


  1. I am praying for you and having been thinking about you SO much this last 3 weeks. I miss you and I wish I was there to help see you off and I wish I knew all the details of how you are feeling and what you are doing, but I know that our God knows. xoxoxoxo

  2. You are on my heart allll the day long my dear. praying for you. let's try to talk this week before you head out???? love you, Gab

  3. Thought of you all yesterday when Molly received her wedding gift from you. She was very excited and she can't wait to make some really good coffee! We love you guys and we do pray for you. Aunt Teri and Uncle Tom

  4. The kids and I pray for you every Monday - Missionary Mondays - and thanks to your mom, we have you on our fridge and we are reminded to pray for you all the time... or at least as often as we eat... which, well, if you have ever met Micah, that is all the time. :) We are all eagerly looking forward to updates. Love, Denise, on behalf of the whole Flock.

  5. I love you all; thank you! I am going to put together a booklet to pray through with the kids; as you have specific prayer requests, send them our way!

  6. I'm praying for you! We covet your prayers, too.