the sweet notes
and the emails;
the shared dentist woes
and a husband who made sure I slept late, 
did much to minister to  my heart
(thank you!)

and on another note . . .
did you hear about my honey fiasco? - - I bought an entire liter of honey off of a wandering honey salesman  last month.
Well, I thought it was honey.
Who would have thought that someone would have the gall to maraud around my pleasant, honest neighborhood selling yellow corn syrup under the guise of honey?

ok, fine. I'm the tiniest bit embarrassed that I fell for his horrid trick; I should have noticed that it looked too clean.

So anyways, I held off buying more honey until I could track down the reputable honey guy from the Thursday street market.  
I chased him down last Thursday, (see him in the picture?- there he is styling a sweet belt buckle and his honey cart)
and I even asked for a taste to make sure it was good honey.
I already knew it was good honey (mostly because of the bits of honey comb and bee's wings floating in the honey) but I asked anyways, because now I have street smarts like that, and I needed to show off.


I found out that when I finish off my liter of (real!) honey, I can bring back my jar and he'll refill it with the honey he pushes around in that orange tub of his.
nice, huh?


  1. That sounds wonderful! Real, real honey! And for your fake honey, you could add some butter, sugar and sweetened condensed milk and make caramel... that wouldn't be so bad. :)

    1. ok, so I love your creative thinking on how to redeem my corn syrup . . . but here's the dumb thing - I love to make my caramel with HONEY! (in fact, I bought the "honey" specifically FOR caramel!) :)

  2. you aren't the only one being duped... a recent study in the US showed that 75% of honey in supermarkets, drug stores and big-box stores is fake.

    its important to get it from a reputable source (like you did, the second time)... 100% of the honey at natural food stores (like trader joes) and farmers markets in their study was real.

    also- if the honey you use is raw (not heat processed) it may actually help prevent cavities!

    1. no way! that's crazy! (although, sadly, not too hard to believe)

      I doubt that *this* honey is raw (I needed something a bit more runny) BUT I DO get the loveliest raw honey down the street . . .

  3. As I was reading this post, all I could do was wrack my brain trying to remember what honey is in Spanish. Finally it hit me, "miel" isn't that right? I knew it was one of those kind of unusual Spanish words that don't fit the mold. :) Anyway, I'm glad you finally got the real thing, and as for redeeming the fake honey, I'm sure there is a Biblical lesson there for the kids, right? True vs counterfeit, or the preciousness of real honey and how God's Word is likened to it.