I've been sulking and moping around since last Tuesday:  Alicia and Carolina - the Jehovah's Witness' that I've been meeting with for the past couple of months broke up with me.

The sad event went kind of like this:
me: hey! before we start our study of Mark, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions . . .
them: awesome!  go ahead.
me: sooooo . . . if you were  studying your bible, and you were to be convinced about some doctrine that the Watchtower didn't approve of, (crazy, I know!) would you  believe what you understood the Bible was saying, or what the Watchtower told you to believe?
them:  well, we would know that we just needed to wait patiently for our hearts and our understanding to change and align with the Watchtower. 
me: so you are saying that even if you were suuuuuper convinced that the Bible was saying something different, you wouldn't believe the Bible.
them: (forty five minutes later) that's right.
me:  then why are we studying the Bible?
them: smug nod
me:  so really, we should be basing all our study on the Watchtower materials?
them: you got it!
me: But I don't trust the Watchtower!
them:  Naomi, it really seems clear to us that this is an indicator from the spirit that we need to need to stop meeting, and we need to preach to other people instead of you.

I'm not necessarily surprised, but I'm still  disappointed.
(and even though they won't meet with me any more, I'll still pray for them)


  1. One of my friends (who is now serving in Uganda) did a Bible study with JW as well. After months of meeting, they came to a very similar conclusion. :( Perhaps someday those seeds you planted will come to fruition if they come to the realization that it's the Bible they need to follow.

    1. yes! oh! that's what I'm praying for . . .

  2. this is a good post. . .my heart breaks for them. (like Megan wrote, there's hope)

  3. i truly applaud you for taking the time to reach out to these women. to be honest, i run the opposite direction from mormons and jehovah's witnesses. sinfully, i have so little faith that God will work in them, and i would rather focus on an "easier" target. (ha. as if there are "easier" hearts to change! as if anyone, least of all me, but God could change someone's heart!)

    1. really, sometimes I'm convinced that when I take the time to engage them, the greatest fruit is in my OWN heart and mind; sometimes I do it for myself. hmmm . . . I should write a blog post about that. . .

  4. This is heartbreaking, but I have to admit Newton, that I did laugh when you said, "they broke up with me." I can hear you saying this and well... It makes me giggle a little hearing your voice in my head expressing this... You know what? God has big plans for you and although they broke up with you, well you could have planted a major seed. They could come back around. We serve a BIG God. LOVE YOU!

    1. joking tempers the pain, you know? :) I am praying, praying, praying that they will hear of an underground movement in "the society" this week - - that they will talk to others who are doubting. love you ingi . . .

  5. Well that is sad...the saddest part is that they turned their back on the Truth, not you.
    You were tactfully bold and inquisitive at the same time. And yes hoping and praying that seeds were planted!