Monday: they kids had the day off of school.  It was great.  We did puzzles and legos all morning long, and then when everyone started getting angry about the breaking lego towers and other people taking over their corner of the puzzle . . . we went to the park.

Tuesdaymy wounded heart was comforted because I had not one - not two - but THREE of my sweet friends from school come over for coffee (a four hour coffee, in fact).  We had fantastic conversation, became facebook friends, and Lydia and Annya even promised me they would check out my blog and hang on every word I write (ok, maybe I exaggerate. just a little, but they did say that maybe they would check) 

Wednesday: We had a team meeting.  I have a great team. AND, I worked on a paper mache bird mask for the 3rd grade end of the year spectacular.  I hear from Malachai that the show going to be awesome;  right now I'm just angry at the bird mask.

Tomorrow (Thursday): I'm going to a farm with Josu's class.  I'm pretty stoked about that.  I'm totally taking the camera - - maybe I can get a picture of Josu milking a goat or something.

The rest of the week: I don't have all the details yet, but I'm pretty sure it will be excellent - it might include me posting a picture of Josu milking a goat.  check back often.


  1. So it can be an angry bird mask, right?

  2. nevermind about cutting landis's hair.

    1. what? I am scheduled to cut my favorite nephew's hair? awesome. bring him down - - I have Sunday afternoon free.

  3. How was the farm? We go to a friend's farm every Thursday afternoon. We are keeping our eye out for a farm to buy...