Saturday:  Joshua prepares to preach a sermon
  Sunday:  the whole family celebrates a sermon well executed

p.s. I like listening to Joshua preach . . . 
The Spirit of God has given him a special gift to teach the bible - - to understand the word of God and to exhort the church to follow Jesus accordingly . . . 
and  Joshua embraces those gifts and works hard to develop and exercise them.

When I hear him preach, I think about the gifts that the Spirit has given me, and I wonder how I am developing them and using them.

(do you have someone in your life that pushes you to be a better steward of your gifts? how do they do it?)


  1. we miss Joshua's preaching, and we miss watching you serve and love people, and we miss hanging out with your kids! mostly though, we miss having these sorts of conversations with you guys...

  2. Replies
    1. hey! get over here right NOW and lets have coffee!!! (although, I guess I need to get on the ball and send you that email about why Mexico City is an awesome place to visit . . . I haven't forgotten - I promise!)

  3. Different people at different times in my life. Currently it's my awesome mentor/apprentice Bible study group that I've been in for several years off and on. This is our last year to meet since we are set to graduate in the spring.
    And I know you totally would be that in my life, if you lived here. Good questions to ask and think and pray about.

    1. :) . . . so what is it that makes them so awesome? (we need a coffee, huh?)

  4. OH and I meant to say too that I like your couch! It looks very you!