Josu and I ran some errands yesterday near mercado Tacuba (it is the market that holds hands with metro Tacuba);  while we were out I took pictures.  Josu would point out the pictures that he wanted me to take. 
I would take those too. 
goodness.  I love that kid.

Something that I like about taking pictures is that is forces me to notice;  it makes me pause for a minute and linger . . .  

I mean, when we first moved to Mexico, I noticed everything.

all the time.

The way people dressed, the way they combed their hair, the smells that filled the streets, the way that people treated each other on the metro, how people flagged down the street bus, where the tricky cracks in the sidewalk were . . .

it was exhausting.

But at some point, not too long ago, it dawned on me that I don't notice like I used to.
More and more, things seem familiar to me.  Not everything is new.
and I find myself thankful for the comfort of the familiar


  1. I especially like the picture of the window. . .your post makes me think of one of my first impressions of Mexico--in the night air, the smell of corn tortillas, cooking. . .
    thanks for sharing.

  2. i feel the same way about spain. we've been here almost 8 months now and in so many ways it is familiar and comfortable. things dont stick out at me either like they did when we first arrived! yay for home :)