hey hey!  how was your weekend?  I hope that you had as many people packed into your living room as we had packed into ours last night for the dinner party.

(because I know you were wondering . . . )
yes, the food was amazing
oh yes, having 17 children running up and down my staircase all night long was pretty awesome too;

but I'm pretty sure that my favorite part was that my two social worlds collided:
we invited Gaby and Edgar - friends from our Saturday morning study  (who we love very, very much)
to join our dinner party
so that they could meet our group of friends from the kids' school (who we enjoy very, very much)

I love it when that happens, don't you?

I love it so much, in fact, that I don't  just let it happen on accident.  I purposely make it happen.


  1. that's awesome. that's what i'm talking about...

    1. boom baby! (hey, do you want to come do it with me?)

  2. I really think you might have a book title there, "How my two worlds collide on purpose" or something like that, and I love the way you make it happen

    1. oh my goodness! I would love to read a book about that! (writing it seems a little daunting, though!) :)

  3. :) It is a happy encouragement to me to strive harder to make more purposeful world colliding opportunities. Kid of funny about the 17 kids... the other day I had only two girlfriends over and we had 17 kids running through the house. :)