Selma's been home sick for a couple of days this week;
I've enjoyed having her home . . .
she's been funny and snugly and has chatted with me in Spanish (that's a new language step - she herself initiates the conversation in Spanish)

She is doing much better today, which I am thankful for because we have a whole group of families from the kids' school coming over for dinner tonight; 
it's the best kind of dinner - - all I have to do is make the dessert and all the other ladies are bringing dinner dishes to share;  it's going to be amazing I'm sure;
(I think I get the better end of the deal)

I'm almost certain that one of the ladies will come expecting me to  have (X) ingredient (that every Mexican woman has in her kitchen) to finish off her dish.
So I keep reviewing my mexican-kitchen staples:
limes (check)
cilantro (check)
sour cream (check) 
onions (check)
tortillas (check)
hmmmm . . . is that everything? (I hope so)

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  1. I love sweet sick kid snuggles. I hope she feels better quickly and I can't wait to hear how your wonderful-sounding pot luck turns out!